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Will new regulation work (scores on the doors)

message posted 29-Dec-06 11:24:23
Here is what a couple of top chefs and critics have to say.

Article by : Valerie Elliot

Chefs and restaurant owners are in broad support of the public’s right to know how clean their kitchens are. But there is some concern that hygiene ratings may somehow take away the fun of going out to eat or that consumers will ignore them.
Gordon Ramsay said: “I have no problem with scores on the doors. It’s standard practice in the States and has been for years. My kitchens are clean enough and I spend £100,000 a year on Food Alert, a company which sends in people every week to check the premises and the temperatures of fridges. We are way ahead of the game on this. It does get me down though when we are pilloried for having a cracked tile that needs replacing or you’ve got a split door seal.”

He was not convinced, however, about nutritional standards being similarly assessed.

“We would be in danger of making consumers sceptical about food and it would take away the pleasure of eating out. I don’t want people to read a menu and then get paranoid about what they can and can’t eat.”

Fergus Henderson, the chef at St John in Clerkenwell, Central London, said: “Every good restaurant and chef runs an immaculate kitchen and I know we would get a good hygiene report. But a scoring system on the doors suggests there is something tainted about eating out. It’s a strange mistrust. If you went to the dentist would you want to know that nine out of ten extractions go well?

“It seems a sad way to go. Restaurants are magic places with delicious food and this seems to be about bringing them down to earth and showing their dirty laundry on the front door when it is not dirty.”

The food and restaurant critic Egon Ronay also has misgivings. “It’s not a bad idea in itself but I don’t think the public will pay much attention to the ratings and the differences will be fairly small between establishments.

“The scores would have to be updated quite frequently. Speaking from my experience I don’t think the ratings will be a high priority with the public. I don’t think it will cut much ice.”

message posted 10-Jan-07 10:43:15
I found this on cheftalk, it is a reply to a different topic but relates to "scores on the doors" and it seems to be making a big impact.

April- I know unemployment sucks....but I bet your stress level just took a BIG drop!!! You former employer is very lucky they aren't in Sacramento, CA- the new year brought a new program here- red, yellow, and green placards issued by the Health Dept. prominently displayed at the front of each food establishment! Red is temporarily shut down, yellow- customer's to proceed with caution, no critical violations- but problems to be addressed. Green- eat here! Needless to say that red tagged restaurants are being listed in the newpaper each day, along with those that received or cleaned up a yellow. Talk about airing dirty laundry. But customer's have already learned to look for green placards. The County is working diligently to inspect as many restaurants as possible each day. Perhaps this type of system will catch on other places..... and if your looking for a job, you could move here - I bet there is openings in the inspectors' office...LOL
Good luck!!
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 09-Dec-07 22:23:06
I dont Know if they are doing it in all counties but where i am its a joke. We scored 4 and the lovely laminated piece of paper now sits proudly on my shelf under the robo.

Could they not have given nice plaques to frame ? NO, they are printed with a computer, how tacky, how cheap, what bullshit.

message posted 19-Apr-08 00:27:12
I know of some brilliant cook, works alone, with his long suffering wife in a small cafe.
He employs cleaners on his day off to deep clean.
Sorry, but messy bastard comes to mind.....some are just able to find their way in a quagmire....

So, restaurant is buzzing, heaving. EHO walks in-yeah, great timing..!!!! In the middle of lunch.....

*******%%%!!!!&&&&&$$$$££££££******** my f******%%$$££****!!!!!! life.....offf!!!!!!

Gets a 3 score!

After not many days pondering.......

Toilet paper!!!! Serious!

I laughed silly. but wondered if they'd be back to far.....six months later, no...and he was the only one rated in the county.....a mockery........
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