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message posted 19-Aug-10 01:16:11
I'm a qualified 30 year old chef, i've been working in kitchens for 17 years now since i first started washing up at the local pub. I'm currently head chef of a very busy middle range 4* hotel and spa, the company i work for are not interested in rosttes and other accolades, which does not make very good business sense and also does not sit well with me. I've never worked in rosetted or michelin kitchens due to having a daughter at an early age, thus having to be close by to where she lives with her mum and work semi-sensible hours for a good/high wage from a early age. Shes just started school which now allows me to start pursuing my desired route in kitchens. I know i'm a talented chef with alot of experience but i can't even get an interview or working trial stage as my c.v does not have the required experience and i presume gets binned right away!! I can't go down to commis or cdp levels for money reasons, so i'm stuck between a rock and kitchen where i really don't want to work. Any advice peeps? Just really want to be given a chance to prove myself and make a name for my cooking?? I heard Mr Albert Roux say this county is screaming out for good chefs.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, any advive would be aperciated
message posted 19-Aug-10 01:18:38
just noticed a couple of typos, the spellcheck on my computer is stuck on welsh for some reason lol
message posted 19-Aug-10 10:54:37

Well 17yrs experience, they should not be binning your CV. However I think you mean in Rosetted background. So I guess the trick here is to get a rosette.

You said the company is not interested in accolades. Question: do you serve food which you believe to be of rosette standard ?, if you are busy you must be doing something right.

If you are you could go about it this way. To get a rosette the company does not have to apply, you could in a sneaky round about way get the AA to visit. You could also get the good food guide to come and visit.
Believe me if the place was awarded all of a sudden the company would be chuffed.
Secondly you would get the rosette on your CV.

Another thought !!

There must be a rosetted or Michelin (michelin preferably near ish you). Why dont you send the head chef a letter, explaining that you worked from pot wash up and that you would like to "up your" game and could you come and work "for free" in their kitchen on your days off to gain some experience.

Firstly, we always love a free pair of hands in the kitchen. Secondly they will see your commitment, working for free on your days off.
Secondly after a while, you should be able to get a letter of recommendation out of them.

So you get some experince for your CV and you get a letter to back it up.

GO for it, you have nothing to lose......Goood luck
message posted 16-Nov-11 13:29:35
Hi Bigchefdru,

I think I have a solution for you. You can get an Australian Government recognized qualification based on your work experience and this could add weight to your CV. Contact me on and I will show you how.

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