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Evening Only Chef Jobs

message posted 21-Jul-10 17:59:03
Are these very common?

Are there any major positive / negatives with working only in the evenings? apart from the obvious impact on a person's "social life"...
message posted 22-Jul-10 10:35:12
Hey Core.

Well evenings are very common.

Depends on the establishment, Mainly split shifts, you get your main prep ready for evening service.

Were I am at the moment both services very busy, so we have two senior sous chefs. One come s in early morning ready for lunch service and one in the afternoon who covers evening services. The Exec tends to come in mid morning and covers both services.

I personally prefer evenings, better buzz than a lunch service, but that is a personal choice. If you want the quality of a social life, get out of the kitchen or go into contract catering.

Cheers !
message posted 29-Jul-10 15:50:11
Hey Tony,

Thanks for the knowledgeable reply. Definitely understand the evening buzz!!

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