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Considering of starting a chef career

message posted 26-Jul-10 15:30:23
Hi!My name is Spylla! I love cooking and I am on the age where I have to choose my job. I am not a chef -yet- but I want to study cooking and become one! Although before I choose it as my career I want to hear opinions from people who have already worked in this field. Would you recommend me to follow this occupation? Could you please give me a honest and real picture of what being a chef is? :)

All opinions and advice would be hapilly accepted and appreciated!
Thank you, Spylla
message posted 28-Jul-10 14:14:59
I have been cooking for 30 years, three times I tried other occupations but they were rubbish in comparison. As a chef you work long hours when everyone else is out, the pay is awful, its to hot the "banter" would get you the sack in an office! But there is NO OTHER JOB that I have found that produces the rush that kitchens do
message posted 25-Aug-10 16:37:51
Haha, that seems to me frightening and I am still wondering why you tell that being a chef is better than be something other. By yours experiences, a person would wait to hear that this job is terrible. Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer.

Hope to receive more :)
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 26-Aug-10 07:59:44
I Think "cooks" hit the nail on the head, there is no other rush like it. The shared sence of comaraderie in the kitchen is unique !

I think you are looking at going into "cheffing" in the wrong way, you are looking at pro's and con's before you begin. The facts : Long hours, low pay (pay getting better). The Question : Is it a passion that you have ?

Passion ( Bernard Louiso - worked for 15 years to get 3 Michelin stars with less than 5 days off and when their were rumours that he was loosing a star, he pulled out a shotgun and killed himself)

It takes all kind of people in this world to do all different types of jobs, give it a bash, try it and see if you fall in love with it.

Either way good luck and enjoy


message posted 26-Aug-10 12:36:35
im 31 and wanting to start a career as a chef. the only experience i have is cooking for my family and left the army with no qualification but just enrolled on a NVQ level 2 in food prep and cookery. after reading you all taking piss out of NVQ;s am i wasting my time because theres very little else for me. no one in sheffield are training people and wouldn;t some qualification be better than none?
any advice would be greatly appreciated
message posted 26-Aug-10 15:05:30

the best way to get on in this career is
1. get any job in a kitchen: because every job is eventually worth more than the qualification but still get the qualification
2. listen to chef
3. always turn up
4 do every job as you have been instructed
5. work as fast as your competence allows
6. if unsure of a job Ask
7. volunteer for extra tasks
8.learn all you can in any place then move on
remember every head chef is always right in their own kitchen (even if you think otherwise)
message posted 28-Aug-10 06:48:45
Cooks has compiled a great list !

Yes their is a lot of piss taking over the NVQ. But it still gives you a good basic knoweladge, plus it fills a few lines on your CV.

Get into the kitchen and learn, learn and learn.....then move onto the next.

message posted 28-Aug-10 08:49:27
thanks for your advice.
landed on my feet and got a job as a chef in a carvery thats also getting me my professinal chefs diploma.
a full time job doing something im passionate about and getting trainned.
christmas has come early this year.
message posted 28-Aug-10 09:12:34
congratulations Shawn, just go for it!
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