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will 28
will 28

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message posted 02-Aug-10 13:52:57
please help me is it arogant that i think im gona be a top top chef even tho im just starting .i m in my kitchen with 3 screaming kidds running arround n a nagging bird .but i dont get stressed n i just make the most amazing food it just comes natural to me .
message posted 09-Oct-10 21:42:02

Welcome to our mad world...

To be arrogant you must be knowledgeable, of confidence and sorted intellectually. Then you can lord it over the 'little people' like us.

To have belief in yourself is not arrogance. Then again you really must understand and appreciate the hard work it takes to be a top chef, really hard work to make you ill-most days. Screaming kids will drive you nuts as you come home wired up from a job that is almost thankless in its whole concept! A nagging bird? Suicidal shit!!!!!
Top chefs are freaks of nature.....because they live that way...some take a shortgun to their heads....others get violent...some love smack....some just work eighteen hour days, do some speed, sleep for two hours, do some coke, then back again on the stove!
Some chefs just cook good and let the food talk for them and reap and cool....
It's a shitty ol' world for chefs out there, because they are all mad and nice too. Unfairly remunerated, poorly regarded as lowly and of a servitude existence....dead end job! You then have to make your own future and greatness, leaping into the wild empty nothing and staking your claim.
If you are unlucky, work in a couple divorces, a bankruptcy or two, mad bailiffs, disappearing friends, your kids turn out rowdy and rough because of external influences....etc etc etc....
if you are lucky....F**K! Grab a cake!

Decide on your cake....and then damn bloody well eat it!.

Happy cheffing......

Crazy chef....
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