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What the hell is a recession?

message posted 28-May-09 22:40:49

All swanky hotels and restaurants are busy....
All heads of state, all government ministers all ogver the world are mega pay rises.....
All CEOs are on major they lay off little fuckers like u and I...
Tax payers monies are used to pay up mega pensions and bonuses to real fuckers who've fucked up!
Now tax payers money is also used to pay for porn as gets better.....

You will be electing us into government to fuck you over whether you like it or not....wherever you are in the world....

get with with it.....still paying tax?

Wake up and be counted....or roll over and get fucked!

I aint even started yet........

Is it just me or is the whole world full of apathetic losers...willing to be robbed, fucked....and more????

Think with me fellas and dames......

Crazy chef....the love is low......
message posted 29-May-09 06:34:05
Think the country is moving with you Crazy chef, tho perhaps not is such colurful terms....!

If questions weren't being asked in high places as well as the low ones you & I occupy we wouldn't be seeing the expose's we are, heads rolling and resignations. Let the momentum gather pace.....
message posted 29-May-09 08:32:14
I got so stressy...I went out looking for the last of the wild garlic....caught some angelica...some frew...and yarrow....the earliest of elderflower are still slow....and I got thinking some and I mess about with our returns, expenses........and bailiffs...county courts...etc....damn....sod it!

I came back and did sugar syrup with lovage, salad burnet, rosemary and wild fennel...what the heck for I have no idea....

Then I figured....a recession is some crazies teaching us little gimps how not to be so crazy with money and trusting with banks and governments....anywhere in the world....and I really do not like this feeling of helplessness!

It pains to see my hard earned taxed to be some happy chappies pension or pay off....coz he fucked up! Yes....I see hotel managers paying off chefs close to three years wages for totally screwing up....want me to negotiate your contracts?
message posted 31-May-09 10:33:48
Hey Crazy Chef !

This is the way I am dealing with the Global Situation :

You know when you get into the kitchen and look at the reservation diary and there are ten tables booked and all at Seven o'clock ....... you flip out, the restaurant manager blubbers, but the tables are booked.

You bend over, take it up the ass and crack on with service !!

Oh and get a good accountant, fuck them before they fuck you !!!

Big Love, you are one crazy chef !!
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