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Leasing out a kitchen

message posted 09-Jun-09 08:22:56
Does anyone have any advice about hiring a kitchen, its attached to a small bar, with local custom.. what can i expect of the chef, what will they expect of me ect... any advice would be welcome
message posted 09-Jun-09 11:28:51
Hi Msrach

I can understand where you are coming from in respect of "leasing" out the kitchen, you dont want the hassle of a chef on the payroll.

Problem is that the kitchen (as i understand it) is inside a bar already and therefore business is subject to your opening hours and subject to your customers and marketing.

You could work this two ways :

One you could charge for lights water and gas and the chef takes the rest

Two , you could charge a small percentage of sales

Then there is the question of who takes care of the waiting staff.

What did you have in mind and i can give you ideas from a chefs point of view.

What is the turnover at the moment, what are the running costs and how could the chef increase customers and turnover.
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