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Leasing out a kitchen

message posted 07-Jun-09 05:47:56
Hey there..

I'm currently managing a bar and have a small kitchen we would like to lease out, it has a deep fryer three fridges, two freezers (one is a chest freezer), near new four burner stove oven with hot plate and also a grill. It has been running as a one man show, its not busy enough to neccessitate more, but i am looking to increase business, and looking for someone to lease the kitchen and help us expand on that side of things, complete control of pricing etc would be the chefs (obviously we would need to work together, reciprocal business arrangement etc) and we would be able to promote the kitchen with our bar.

My question is, has anyone done this, what terms and conditions did you accept or demand? Is it a viable option? does anyone have any advice for me? I would be truely greatful! Especially as i am currently running the kitchen myself and need to get back to handling the business side of things!

Oh, and if anyone in melbourne is interested.. let me know too :)

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