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Price your Meal Auction

message posted 06-Nov-06 17:41:23
There is a new website which is going ballistic, like any new trend!

The way it works is you pick a restaurant, then the meal and bid on the price, the winning price is the price you pay.

Now I can see this developing into something huge, look at how large ebay is, people love auctions. The flip side is that restaurants might not get the price they need on a particular dish, but I presume they will recover costs on the wine.

Are there any chefs out there, working in the participating restaurants that could give us the inside story?

We want to Know !!!
message posted 07-Feb-08 13:22:36
I have not seen or heard of this before and besides the restaurants involved have not grown since last year.

Maybe they have all gone bust. They should rather have got Ramsay to fix their restaurant live on telly rather than auction your business away.

Knobs, funny we have not heard from any chefs involved in this, is that because they are all too busy looking for other jobs or what?

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