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This is wrong !

message posted 03-Mar-09 16:01:34
I came across this today :

With the financial crisis continuing to tighten its grip, Gordon Ramsay's cookery school, Tante Marie, has decided to produce its very own silver lining. For those who have had the misfortune of being issued their P45, they now have the fortune of receiving an extra 4.5% off Tante Marie's renowned Cordon Bleu Certificate Course. An 11-week course, commencing in April, it equips aspiring cooks with the basic skills they need in order to flourish in the kitchen; a perfect way to kick start your new beginning.

Tante Marie School of Cookery Ltd., Woodham House, Carlton Rd, Woking, Surrey GU21 4HF

Is it just me ?

So Gordon Ramsay, yes he has bought into this school, his restaurant, personal and proffesional life is on the rocks, so he reckons he will cash in on any people who have been made redundant.

The way I see it, is that if you are a young chef and have the money to be able to go on an 11 week course. Dont do it !

Contact every Michelin starred restaurant and offer your services for FREE for 11 weeks. You will learn more, see more and do more than at Poxy Tant Marie. Plus you will have a Michelin restaurant on your cv.

message posted 04-Mar-09 12:01:24
Hey, its as good an offer as an extra 2 1/2 % off the VAT rate!!

Perhaps those who can afford to atttend will be lucky enough to learn tips of how to cheat on your wife, bullshit your career history and media manupulation.....

Bread & Cheese
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 04-Mar-09 19:30:45
Touche touche.

Heston, he he
message posted 19-Mar-09 21:23:49
I agree any young Chef who has eneough money to go on Ramseys Course must be good on the horses or something. Keep your cash and go traveling for a few months till it picks up.

message posted 20-Mar-09 16:04:00
It strikes me that there is still plenty of work out there for all grades of chef, and lets face it taking on a seasonal job is still better than nothing for any chef, and probably a great way for any rookie to learn their trade.

I think its always great to hear of the pot washer making to head chef - the opportunities are there if you are a "yes" person and take things on.

Why waste your money by throwing at old Gord's crumbling empire?
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