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Farmer's Markets / Food Fairs

message posted 21-Feb-09 16:45:13
Is anybody else as pi***d off as I am at the amount of bought in food at these events?? You just know that you're looking at "shipped in by the pallet load" stuff from the packaging and labelling on the product, not to mention the lack of behind the counter knowledge of the produce. I blame the event organisers for their money grabbing stall fee approach rather than checking and valuing and promoting whats local. If a cheff goes hunting for local produce at these events, what chance have they got of finding a genuine "local" producer?

All answers and replies please send pre packed from as far away as possible (air miles accepted), but make sure you label it "LOCAL PRODUCE"

Bread & Cheese
message posted 22-Feb-09 19:04:10
I know where you are coming from , it really rubs me up the wrong way.
"Uncle Billy" also posted a note on this and again I totally agree.

The gov needs to sort out clear regulations, there always seems to be a loophole and it should be stopped. Customers, FSA, TSA and the gov demand traceability from chefs so why cant we get it from people that sell it to us, its all bollocks.

Spin and more spin, we have brilliant produce here and customers need to be able to make a proper choice.

Uncle Billy
Uncle Billy
message posted 22-Feb-09 23:54:54
I do feel that we would be better of sourcing supply form people that have done the trianing and know what they are dealing with i think that the woolly hate brigade dont quite measure up yet. Farmers grow it butchers ,bakers & candle stick makers proses it and chefs cook it. As long as it started of good it should be even better after all these trained people have played ther part. And everyone in the chain has been trained in what they are doing. If i try to bake a cake i would fu*k it up for sure. Thats why i go to the baker if i want it right. Surely chefs are employed to cook good food not rear local pigs like babe.
message posted 11-Sep-09 10:20:37
Now this has to be the ultimate in sustainable fishing !

What do you guys think, worth a try ?
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