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Uncle Billy
Uncle Billy

Hogs Pudding

message posted 21-Feb-09 22:09:27
Ok guys & girls thinking of making and selling Traditional hogs pudding around south devon to start with would be greatful for feed back on do you chefs see a need for a good supply of hogs pudding. before i invest in machinery. the product is well cost effetive and a crowd puller. comments please.
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 22-Feb-09 18:56:10
Hey Uncle Billy

To be honest with you I have only come across a Hogs Pudding once and being further north (midlands) I can honestly say that its a no goer here.

Now you need to check out the market, find out how is sold on the south coast (question suppliers etc) do some rough calculations and see if its worthwhile.

If your product is exceptional you could also try and break into the "burns night" market as an alternative to haggis (not the same but you get wherer im headed)

Hope this helped

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