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Catering Suppliers / Offers and Info

message posted 23-Feb-09 18:36:59
BioCote® is the leading brand in antimicrobial product protection.
In today's challenging economic climate, businesses need to
differentiate their products to stay ahead of the competition.

BioCote® silver ion technology offers
manufacturers the opportunity to give their
products built-in protection against the growth
of harmful microbes such as E.coli, Salmonella
and unsightly black mould. BioCote® protected
products are therefore cleaner, safer and more
hygienic to use. For hospitality service providers,
these products offer a key benefit in helping to
provide their customers with the cleanest,
safest and most hygienic environments possible.

For Brochure :

Whether you need to monitor your fridge or
freezer, check the temperature of reheated
food or keep daily records via data-loggers
or log books - ETI has the instrument for you.
This free poster details Safe Food temperatures
and other food safety information. You’ll also
receive full details of the ETI range, which includes
a wide variety of catering thermometers and
ancillary equipment.

For Brochure :

Not only can you find out why Calor LPG is perfect for cooking in
non-mains gas areas, but when you submit your details you’ll also
be entered into a free prize draw to win a Calor LPG powered gas
BBQ worth over £350!

Switch to Calor LPG and benefit from:

• All the advantages of mains gas in
non-mains gas areas
• Flexible power for cooking on gas,
heating, hot water and cooling
• Innovative technology such as The
Think Tank automated delivery which
ensures you should never run out of fuel
• Peace of mind; Calor is the UK’s
leading provider of LPG

CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) is a new professional
qualification to the UK foodservice industry. It is being operated
by CESA (Catering Equipment Suppliers Association) which is already
an established & highly regarded body within the industry. It will
improve the levels of professionalism in the sector by creating a
universally recognised and respected industry ‘standard’ for
knowledge and experience.

Candidates must:

• study for and pass a comprehensive
written test
• prove certain levels of experience in
the industry
• show personal development through
the completion of recognised education/
training programmes
• demonstrate active involvement in
the industry

For Brochure :

Purchase a Carpigiani 191/G counter top soft
ice cream machine now and get enough FREE ice cream mix to generate over £4,000
worth of sales! (time limited offer). Move
your sales into the high profit line of soft ice cream and benefit from a fast payback with
profits of 80%+ (or more like 100% for the
first £4000!). Leasing available from under £5
per day! Similar FREE product offers also
available for a limited time on all our Slush
To choose a Carpigiani machine means to
guarantee the production of the highest
quality ice cream. Along with this guarantee
is great simplicity of use, long-term reliability
and utmost hygiene. Over time, these
advantages transform into cost savings and
return of investment. Carpigiani also produces
a wide range of ‘Artisan’ (homemade) ice
cream equipment and runs a series of free
workshops looking at this concept – click
the link for further information


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