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Farmer's Markets / Food FairsxI
message posted 21-Feb-09 16:46:09
Is anybody else as pi***d off as I am at the amount of bought in food at these events?? You just know that you're looking at shipped in by the pallet load stuff from the packaging and labelling on the product, not to mention the lack on behind the counter knowledge of the produce.

I blame the event organisers for their money grabbing stall fee approach rather than checking and valuing and promoting whats local. If a chef goes hunting for local produce at these events, what chance have they got of finding a genuine "local" producer?

All answers and replies please send pre packed from as far away as possible (air miles accepted), but make sure you label it "LOCAL PRODUCE"

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Uncle Billy
Uncle Billy
message posted 21-Feb-09 20:58:16
yes yes yes good old local produce, local to where. I was told by trading standards that local is produced in the same parish as it is sold. yet a lot of products are going from parish to parish. I spent 30 years as a butcher and all i got asked is how much is it and where does it come from. Surely the question should be how good is it and can you maintain supply. Have you ever seen a untrained farmer butcher his own meat it really funny. well done glad i am not the only one pulling my hair out. good news coming local is appartantly ok if it comes from the same county. well that is untill next time they call and change it back to parish again. So if a pig thats born in England grows up in Denmark, its leg gets cured into a gammon in Wales and gets locally cooked in Devon is it local Ham, Home Cooked Ham, Chefs locally Cooked Ham or imported docbhc sdP;CJC cbohucbohcb. tHIS replie is only local if the reader is in the parish of highweek Newton Abbot. If not i don't no what it is. I do no i don't eat crap twice.
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