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The Cult of Celebrity

message posted 07-Mar-09 12:54:44
Is it just me, but all these celebrity egos just seem to get worse...? They are poor business people, poor publicists, poor employers, foul mouthed (and we all know who that one is specially reserved for...), and without the entourage of "management" around them, seem largely incapable of presenting any kind of front worthy for their "Celeb" status

Take Anthony for example, he claimed he was too old to consider putting his home up as security to save his empire or staff jobs, so sorry chaps here are your P45s (irrespective of how they had helped him to gain or maintain it....) and putting out a video on You Tube blaming Gordon Brown for it all..... Jamie's been up and down with his finances and spats with his employer Sainsburys (again irrespective of the free range review issue - but whose hand feeds ya babe?) ...and as for Gordon, well we all have a pretty fair idea of how up and down he's been....what was her name.....who in his empire is owing money to whom.....what is and isn't true in his career real a grip has he got on the current credit crunch.....sacks his best publicist just weeks after he got him arguably through a very sticky patch....

I feel sorry for Heston and his current crisis. I never had him down as one of the above, whose ego let rip in the money cultured way we've seen theirs do. I think he's acted with integrity, acknowledging something was wrong (even if it proves not to be the fault of his operation), closing down and voluntarily calling in and working with the authorities.

Perhaps it is just me .....what do the rest of you tallented, hard working but unrecognised chefs out there think...?

Bread & Cheese
message posted 08-Mar-09 14:41:07
Sorry Anthony's rant was on BBc one This week , I've not seen it on You Tube yet
message posted 09-Mar-09 08:02:54
Its all a bit much these celeb / Tv chefs.

I remeber reading somewhere that Anthony beat Ramsay in a cookoff where the diners were not told who's dish was who's and ever since then Ramsay has been slagging him off.

The one thing I will conceed to them is that they have increased awareness for food again to Jo public, but it is not because thay care, its for the extra million they are being paid, they dont give a fig.

Now Heston has not really bought into all that, given time I think he will. I personally think this whole thing at the Fat Duck is some form of sabotage, there is no way 400 people (and random ones at that) get ill from food and no trace of it either.

I liked his Victorian themed programme and looking forward to the next one. His food is not my style (molecular gastronomy) but what he can do is fantastic, you got to admire that.
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 10-Mar-09 10:05:44
Hi Chefs

It looks Like Ramsay wont be around much longer and I think tcappers prediction about Ramsay loosing a star is going to happen !

Anthoney must be having a giggle now, but then again he never had the bottle to put up his own money to save his restaurants.

Now one "celeb chef" that is not a complete W****R in my opinion is Gary Rhodes and his restaurants are doing ok.

Go Figure !


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