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culinary arts degree

message posted 31-Jan-09 23:07:47
hi, I've seen this course and was thinking of taking it, I just wondered what you guys think, is it worth spending 3 years doing it or would it be better to go to a local college and get some work experience in a local kitchen, or just go for work in a kitchen and work my way up?
Any advice on courses would be much appreciated, and also i would'nt mind hearing how some of you got the positions you're in now, (was it NVQ or self taught etc)
thanks in advance,

link to the course:
message posted 02-Feb-09 11:09:01
Hey Robbo

This would be my take on the situation.
NVQ has for the past ten years been a standing joke with chefs as "Not Very Qualified". However there is alwayse the exception to the rule.

If I was to start again today, I would enrol for the course (its free) but at the same time I would send out letters to every Michelin restaurant in the country, stating your work ethic and your passion to learn. Then down the list to 4 AA rosette and 5 star hotels.

So you will be learning "something" whilst you wait on responces. I personally did a 3 year apprentiship in Switzerland and then moved up the ladder.
My other advice would be when you start in a kitchen is have a good pen and notepad. Even the biggest Knob of a chef (and you will meet them) has some invaluable advice. Learn all you can from each establishment and then move on.

Hard work, dedication and commitment. Learn learn, then move on.

To give you some idea about commitment. Bernard Louiso, one of the more flambouant three star Michelin chefs had only 30 days off in 11 YEARS, to achieve his Three stars.

This may not be the level you want to get to, but it gives you an idea.
message posted 02-Feb-09 18:55:20
Hey Robbo

Welcome aboard!

I do agree with the above post, but having a quick look at the link, this is a fee paying course and looks to hold more weight than the usual NVQ.

Why dont you investigate the degree credentials, email the American Hotel and Motel association in the states and see how many credits they give it and email some of the Swiss Hotel schools and see how they rate it.

Personally I started out as a commis in a five star in London and then moved upwards, I also purchased the college textbooks and read up on what I had done in the kitchen that day. Most employers now days will also pay for your NVQ training. So shop around employers also.

Any questions , Just ask.
message posted 11-Mar-09 12:06:54
Hey Robbo85

I dont know what you have decided, but just seen this add go on the site that you might be interested in.

Any questions just ask.
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