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Hot chef
Hot chef

I thought I posted

message posted 21-Jan-09 10:09:39
Seems me post has gone AWOL , Ok whats the place all about then seems quiet here, tell us more about this place how can I see members pages and contact members directly
message posted 21-Jan-09 11:17:01
Hey Hot Chef

Your previous post was in the suggestion catergory, i dont get you, why do you want to contact members directly, thats the point of the forums. I for one dont want my email address out in the open for anyone to use.

It looks like you have pissed a few of the other members of with your staffcanteen crap. I dont know you so i will give you the benefit of the doubt, but it does look very suspect to me.

Word of advise dont piss kitchenbitch off, she can be a bitch.

oh heres the link to your "awol" post:
Hot chef
Hot chef
message posted 28-Jan-09 14:18:43
Wow thanks for the warm welcome sorry I didn't know some one had replied is there a button I click somewhere to get e-mails when I get replies???

As for contacting most site have a personal message function, seems I'm not alone with my request seems bear has the same request.

It was just a thought I mean I'm sure there's more to you the angry responses and a picture no one can view. just might get more member interaction sorry for the suggestion, I just keep my thoughts to myself in the future
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