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How to beat the credit crunch

message posted 10-Feb-09 09:48:07
Ive started to notice how restaurants are starting to suffer the "credit crunch". For too long we have relied on the given that we will have customers walking through the doors.

We need to go back to basics.
Lets all put our minds together to help each other during this Crunch time.

1) Keep all onion peelings, carrot peelings, celery trimmings and leek tops and tails, this way you have ready mirepoix for stocks and sauces, without having to buy extra.
message posted 17-Feb-09 16:33:47
Just driving around I've seen "Credit Crunch Lunches" advertised..... a new bandwagon to jump on for sustainability?

I'm also looking at my own charges and weighing up small and very beautiful large charges againsts large and good smaller charges... if that makes sense. If it doesn't , ask yourself the question "Is it better to have 100 people paying 20 per head or 60 paying 25?"

Some of you reading this might think we're cheap round this neck of the woods, but scale your figure up or down accordingly, and don't forget your biggest money eater (and your biggest asset - most of the time if they are hand picked - your staffing costs)

Bread & Cheese
message posted 18-Feb-09 09:16:08
You are both spot on !

There is an interesting article on the site about two michelin restaurants offering lunches at 17, so if they can do it so can you, plus they are still making a profit because of sound kitchen management and portion control.

Ive also been in that frame of mind, "quality costs" but this time its different, we need to come back down to earth, its not just the corner pub now slashing prices its the big boys too !

Wind your neck in, recalculate your menu, implement strict waste control and we can and will survive !
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