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Interview Tips and Questions

message posted 01-Nov-09 10:17:33
Chef Recruitment Interview Questions

The usual format is for the interviewer to ask questions based on what the company usually looks for. These will usually fall into 10 categories including:
• Excellence – in work and customer service.
• Teamwork – influencing others and developing relationships within the kitchen and front of house.
• Leadership – inspiring others to achieve.
• Communicating – internally and externally and at all levels.
• Development – of self & others.
• Problem Solving – understanding issues, gathering facts & presenting solutions.
• Achievements – what successes have you had and how do you measure success, chef awards etc.
• Value Creation – innovation in process and service provision.
• Negative issues – Dealing with complaints, rejection or pressure.
• Sundry Questions – What do you do in your current employment? Why are you applying for this position? What can you bring to this company?

Typical Chef Recruitment Interview Questions
• Tell me a little about yourself
• Why do you want to move from your current job?
• Why have you applied for this job?
• What do you consider to be your greatest achievements in your career?
• What are your main strengths?
• What weaknesses do you have? What tasks do you find the hardest?
• What motivates you?
• Tell me about a typical week in your current role as a chef.
• What do you enjoy, and also dislike, about your current chef jobs role?
• What 3 words would your colleagues use to describe you?
• What kind of decision do you find most difficult?
• How do you ask for help?
• What performance standards do you set for yourself?
• How do you measure good service? Give me an example of good service.
• You are not achieving your targets or your target is increased. What actions do you take?
• How do you plan for the future and what have you done to develop your role?
• Are you reactive or proactive? Give an example.
• What positive attributes do you bring to a team?
• What leadership, management or coaching roles have you undertaken in your previous chef jobs?
• What issues have you experienced in the last 6 months? What action did you take?
• How do you deal with rejections failure or criticism?
• What have you done, over the last 12 months, to develop your skills and knowledge?
• What do you know about the role and the company? Why should I offer you the job?

Take your time to answer the questions. Although any silent pauses may exaggerate your impression of the time taken to think about your answer, it is important that you give every question due thought and reflection. Do not be afraid to check, with the interviewer, that you have answered the question to their satisfaction.

Chef recruitment Interview Do’s and Don’ts
• DO
Find out as much as possible about the hotel or catering company and the role before you go.
Go to solve the employer’s problems.
Be an equal.
It’s your meeting as well.
Make sure you secure another meeting.
Think carefully before you answer every question.
Indicate to the employer how you are going to do the job.
Tell them about your achievements and skills.
Show them your folder.
Be positive and proud throughout.
Highlight your strengths.
Give the employer plenty of reasons to want, eventually, to offer you the job.

Attend any interview without proper research and preparation.
Go to the meeting just to get a job.
Behave like a subordinate.
Forget that getting another interview is your main reason for being there.
React to questions by saying the first thing that comes into your head.
State, or imply, that there is any part of the job you cannot do.
Be too modest about your successes.
Give negative vibes about your abilities.
Volunteer your weaknesses.
Provide any ammunition that might cause you to be rejected.
message posted 04-Sep-11 03:26:01

Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

Tks again and pls keep posting.
message posted 15-Sep-11 14:27:17
Interview questions is important. I have got some my experience about it. I believe that it's wonderful.

Apart from that, you also can ref more resources at:

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