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Need Advice!

message posted 18-Nov-09 16:53:25
Thanks in advance for any replies... and I appreciate there are plenty of these threads already :) But I really need help!

I recently quit my (relatively well paid) job in sales to pursue a career as a chef. I started a part time course (equivalent to LV1 GCSE) and am currently looking for work as kitchen porter, but I'm finding it hard due to having my college day during the week. I'm also short on confidence, despite practicing hard at home, and already completing practical assignments under test conditions.

I've absolutely bricking it that I've made the wrong choice, and although I have some money behind me, that isn't going to last long, and I probably would survive on KPs wages for more than a year. I guess I just need to get into a kitchen and work hard, but something tells me I've made the wrong decision. I'm just considering quitting and going back into sales.

Have I made the wrong decision? Any advice?

Thanks guys.
message posted 18-Nov-09 18:23:59
Firstly give your self a pat on the back for having the courage to move forward.

I think you need to find a job as a Commis Chef first, wages will be a bit better than a KP and If you look at hotels they will also put you through an NVQ, so you can leave the other course, plus they might throw in accommodation.

Commis Chef Jobs

One plus side is that you do have something to fall back on.

Keep strong, CHEF !!
message posted 18-Nov-09 18:35:46
Thanks for the reply and comments!

Would I realistically be taken on as a commis chef without experience?

From the searches that I've done, almost all seem to require it.

Another quick question: should I, or should I not be looking in the London area? (I'm in Herts). Obviously there is a higher saturation of restaurants / hotels, but does that mean more, or less jobs?

Thanks again chef!
message posted 18-Nov-09 19:34:47
Some hotels will take you on, lets face it a commis is a trainee you just need to get your passion and commitment across to them.

I would look in Herts first, then expand your search.

Make a list of all the really good hotels and restaurants in your area. Write a letter asking about commis chef positions, explain your dedication and passion for the industry.

You were in sales, get out there !!

Also try these

Its not easy but keep focused and it will come to you

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