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After a 6 year break!

message posted 22-Jul-09 18:30:28

I really want to get back into chefing after a 6 year break,But the main problem is during the 6 year gap
i have qualified as a electrician and earn a decent wage,which Doncaster chef wages dont come close to matching.
I first started working in a italian restaurant at 15 when they offered me a job after my school trident
I then moved to another Italian were i worked for 3 years while i got my NVQ 1,2,3 in catering.I was running the kitchen by the time I left but fancied a change
Then I worked in Cornwall for a season and half in a holiday park cooking for about 200-300 a day
I then got offered the chance to do the electrical apprentiship so i sold my Globals and binned my whites.
I feel now as though i need a bit of time to get back upto speed in the kitchen although it is something i am naturally good at,If i got a job as a commis i would be dropping roughly 9.00 an hour off the wage i get now,This is not an option and i dont no what to do...
Any ideas,I thought about asking if i could do a shift a week in the second italian i worked at for free just so i can get back upto speed,(it is a new owner since i worked their) I know the restaurant is for sale and since i worked there trade has nosedived,for example when i was working their we would do 150 covers on a saturday with 4 chefs and a 2 kps.numerous waiting there is 2 chefs and 2 waiters.
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 21-Oct-09 10:37:33
Hey Donny

Been a while, how are things working out !

message posted 06-Dec-09 12:11:43
all I have to say is that you have to try...see how it goes....many things changed over the last 6 years
good luck
message posted 21-Dec-09 18:49:11
My names peter, i saw you started at 15, i am 16 now but started at 15. i need your help because i am stuck i run the kitchen in an old peoples home but im bored! i want to get bigger and better!! do you have any ideas how i could do that??
Best Wishes
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