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Mr. Meatball
Mr. Meatball

Vito frying oil filter

message posted 17-Jul-09 15:06:18
Hey guys

just wondered if anybody here got experiences with the Vito frying oil filtersystem?
I`m planning to buy one. Does it really saves oil? And what happened with the quality of your fried food? Has it really become better?

message posted 17-Jul-09 15:29:08
Hi Meatball

I've used VITO for nearly 2 years now and can't say I regret buying it. It really does save a lot of oil.
As for the quality of the food, yes i would definately say it has improved, tastewise as well as when you look at it.
Pretty neat machine and I would buy it again.

message posted 18-Jul-09 01:25:46
hi there,
the vito oil filter system is in use in our restaurant for almost 3 years.
We save 40-50% of our oil cost plus we have a better quality of our frying gods.

So if you spend too much oil and want to have a better quality "go for the vito"

chef bone
message posted 15-Aug-09 00:10:37
Vito saves 50% on oil cost and improve the quality of food
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