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message posted 06-Nov-06 18:42:40
i wonder what your most ridicioulus customer complaint was, for example two of my favourites are the guest that complaint about the bones in his fillet steak and the guy that used half a bottle of tabasco on a dozen oysters and said the oysters where tasteless.
it is fairly obvious that they where looking for a free meal, but still how stupid do some people think we are!
message posted 07-Nov-06 11:10:01
One of my better ones was a guy had "confit duck leg" as a starter, he finished it off completely and then complained that there was a bone in it and said that we gave him the leg. Some people are just stupid!

Another duck situation was duck breast served on a sweet potato duaphinoise. After the meal the woman asked to see me and then complimented me on the meal but could not work out how I managed to get the potato to look orange and the very different flavour.

Doing a function once we served pheasant breast as the main, on my way out later a guy said it was the best chicken he had ever had.

On the menu we had ostrich fillet, an order came in with one well done. i told the waiter to tell the woman that ostrich would be like leather well done, would she have it medium or could I rather do beef fillet well done. No she wanted the ostrich well done. Fine. I sent out the ostrich well done and within 5 minutes the plate was back in the kitchen because it was too tough. %%(*%$^"%*

There is no hope for some people !
message posted 07-Nov-06 12:45:07
a classic come from the "gentleman" who called me an idiot for serving him colourless french fries when in fact he had battonete of turnip, i could not help myself and emmbaressed him in front of his party by advising him to have his tastebuds seen to and to refrain from commenting on any food until then.
message posted 12-Nov-06 10:59:21
Last night I had a classic one.

Check comes on, on the starter was carpaccio of beef, next to it was (w). I called the waiter and asked what the (w) was for?. The customer had asked for his carpaccio to be well done!

I cant repeat what was said about the waiter or the customer.

Some people are just plain idiots!
message posted 16-Jan-07 10:45:44
Anyone remember when monkfish was cheap then got dearer, 20 odd years ago we sent out a portion of scampi (properly only the stuff caught in the bay of Naples) the customer sent it back saying it was monkfish!!!,"no madam its definitely scampi", "it's not thats monkfish"she said, "no madam thats scampi it says so on the packet, Nephrops Norvegicus" "and if it was monkfish you'd be paying a lot more".We had lots of fun shouting NEPHROPS around the kitchen that week,and as far as I know the head chef (apprentice then" is still saying nephrops under his breath every now and then.
message posted 20-Feb-07 22:30:00

I Like it.

Found some more stories on this link :

Enjoy you NEPHROPS.
message posted 28-Jun-07 20:39:31
Hi guys and gals. Im new to this site so be gentle !

I once had ostrich on the menu and on the menu we said best served Rare to Medium. Like any game, because of the lack of natural fat if you serve well done you might as well try eating your shoe. So anyway an order comes in asking for well done, we then get the waiter to go back and just explain to the customer about game. He comes back saying she insits it be well done. Fine $%^$^&$%&%
At the end of the meal the waiter comes back in and said she is complaining about the bill because the ostrich was inedible.

Can you believe, the nerve and stupidity of some people.

Have a Good Service to all chef's
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 06-Nov-07 20:37:42
Just Joined, Glad I found this site it looks down to earth and really good info for Chefs !

This was a genuine complaint I had but quite funny how I dealt with it.

I was Snr Sous of a large hotel chain, just doing the last table and it was a bunch of business men. one of the starters needed a light citrus mayonnaise and the bugger kept on splitting on me (get to this at the end). I eventually grabbed some mayo from the staff canteen and added the citrus to it.

At the end of the meal the restaurant manager said that the guests would like to see the chef. I chenged my apron and out i went. I think the head honcho got a bit of a surprise that i was a women and i sensed he changed his mind about compliments and looked to find a complaint. Funnily he said that the mayonnaise was rubbish bla bla, i could not argue with him he did after all pick up on the one thing i %^*$% up on.

The thing is he kept on twittering on so i told him the truth that i was having my period and when i am on i cannot mix a mayonnaise and that if he came back in two days time i would gladly make him the best mayo he had ever had. The look on his face was priceless.

So guys just remember, dont ask us ladies to make, mayonnaise or hollandaise when we have our periods.

Love the site , will be back
Kitchen Bitch x x

message posted 09-May-08 11:12:53
Had a complaint last night !

As a starter we do a tian of crab ( Fresh guacamole on bottom crab in middle and creme fraiche on top) and garnished with micro salad leaves.

The menu even says ,"micro salad garnish"

The complaint from this table was "where is the salad" ? and "its not even real salad, look how tiny the leaves are" !

Well F&*^%* me, next time I will put a whole coz standing on top.

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