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Chefs' Gallery

message posted 20-May-09 08:32:35
Check out the new Chef's Gallery and post your masterpieces!
message posted 20-May-09 17:46:54
Great idea osprey - I've put three back to earth photos up of the apple crops I grow and use, but don't know how to credit them to bread and cheese - its just saying submitted by me
message posted 21-May-09 09:03:43
Hello breadandcheese,
That is how you see your own submission, but everyone else sees them like in the picture linked below:

You can see the way everyone else sees it by simply logging out.

Besides, when you are logged in, you can also assign one or more categories to your pictures. If necessary, we can add more category options. Just ask tcapper about any new category suggestions and I will add them.

BTW, I'm a web developer not a chef :(, and I didn't make those sushi's. I just uploaded that picture as a test. ;)
message posted 21-May-09 09:34:38
Thanks - those sushi look good enough to eat.
I take it the images can't be downloaded by a third party can they - copyright and all that?
message posted 21-May-09 10:15:44
You're right. I better remove that picture since I got it from a cooking related site.
message posted 21-May-09 15:55:52
So, we have finally gone live with the Chefs Gallery.

Get your photos on there and let us know if we can improve it in any way.

Have a great weekend guys !
message posted 23-May-09 23:13:34
T-capper, is that food?
Where the hell have I been?

Bloody hell....Is that a real kitchen an' all too?
If it is so the hell do you get to do any cooking?

If i ever cook, there's smoke everywhere...oil spit..cursing colours the air, taints the
stainless....and the carbon stays thick on the pans...brains on permanent sabbatical are smeared on the tiles....from hot, heavy pan action....sometimes reverting to the clay pots...remember when you were young...?
Q-Any chance of an apprenticeship?
A bloody operating theatre...come to think of it!!!

Stay happy all....

going more

crazy chef...
message posted 30-Aug-09 21:20:05
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The WorldSkills Competition brings together the best and brightest young skilled professionals from around the world to display their talents and compete in this prestigious Competition. For more information about the 40th WorldSkills Competition in Calgary, you can visit
message posted 01-Sep-09 12:28:13
This is spamming....
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