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Oh, give me strength !

message posted 20-Apr-09 17:07:55
Have you ever read such crap ?

TV chef Jean-Christophe Novelli has created a luxurious limited edition salad dressing containing real gold leaf and vintage champagne, it was revealed today.
The creation, called the Little Black Dressing, will be available in 10 Pizza Hut restaurants across the UK from today for two weeks to mark the launch of its new-look Salad Station.

Among the ingredients included by the Michelin-starred French chef are real gold leaf, vintage Moet champagne, English honey, vanilla, orange oil and Chinese five spice.

The dressing, said to have a light and fruity flavour, is available free for any customers who try the new-look Salad Station while stocks last.

Novelli, 48, said: "For many women a little black dress is the perfect way to make themselves feel effortlessly stylish.

"I thought it would be great to work with Pizza Hut to put the style into salad and create a really luxurious dressing.

"It was also a great way to encourage people to try the new ingredients on the Salad Station and be creative themselves."

Claudia Nicholls-Magielsen, marketing director for Pizza Hut, said: "Our new range adds a more quality experience to the Salad Station."

The Little Black Dressing will be available from today until May 1 in the following restaurants while stocks last: Glasgow; Newcastle; Nottingham; Manchester; Cardiff; Solihull; Plymouth; Bristol; Marble Arch, London; and Leicester.

message posted 21-Apr-09 19:21:24
I love splashing the champers around in my little black dress. Perhaps Morrisons will add a twinset and pearls dressing for customers at their salad bars too
message posted 14-Nov-09 21:16:15
I wish Id tried it the five spice dont work for me. I suggest adding Stella and a very generous helping of JD. After the first couple you dont care what it tastes like. I used too have a lot of respect for Johnny-boy but I feel he is becoming a little stupid as no-one would put salad dressing on pizza is this that new Molecular shite, will it not make the pizza go soggy. As for wearing a little black dress while eating it my misses gets pissed of cos mine still fits me. I just dont understand whats happening anymore.
message posted 10-Feb-10 06:48:19
Funny in a sexy way isn't it?
Now one has to ask, 'is it about the food or the eccentricity of the personality?'
Maybe a media awareness stimulus programme?

Remember Raymond Blanc's version so many years ago?
Double savvy!

Big love....
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