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bonus schemes

message posted 27-Apr-09 14:51:27
can anyone give me a idea on bonus schemes in regards to gp and monthly spend and take on food sales
message posted 28-Apr-09 10:53:57
Two ways that I have experience with.

1) a set bonus (in my case 500) each month for achieving an agreed GP
2) a percentage of sales (1-5%) for achieving a set GP

Things to make sure of.

The agreed gp is the gp that you have costed all menu items at.
A clause that gives you a slight percentage leeway for increased food cost, failing that, an agreement to change menu prices at any time.

Make sure that all your items are correctly costed and staff follow strict recipe and portion control.

You mentioned monthly spend and food sales.

STAY away . As the chef you should not be held responsabile for marketing the premesis or product. You have no control over marketing budgets and front of house staff upselling, so dont get involved.

Your job is to produce quality food at an agreed gp.

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