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What Really matters to Chefs

message posted 04-Nov-06 11:52:56
As you may or may not have realised, ChefsWorld is dedicated to empowering chefs.

What we want to know is what really attracts chefs to an employer, what it takes for you to stay with that employer. What we want is the real nitty gritty, not the PR rubbish that agencies put out there to keep employers happy.

So let us know, dont hold back, this is for all our benefit, employers need to know !

ChefsWorld team
message posted 11-Jan-07 04:28:46
What we want from employers is trust and understanding, A headchef I know told me he'd rather have 6 chefs working 4 day's and happy than 4 chefs working 6 days and burning out,but most employers don't or won't understand this.How can we do a good job if we're constantly harassed those of us with any connscience will give ourselves a hard time if its not right.Yes ingriedients cost money but as they say you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. end of rant for now stay tuned.
message posted 02-Oct-07 17:13:54
What I want is a Boss who understands chefs.

I took over a 30 cover restaurant about six months ago. Before i arrived it was averaging 10 - 12 covers a day.
Not one to blow my own trumpet but for the last 2 months we have been doing 30 covers every night. Witch i love because the food comes in fresh every day and is sold. No wastage, all fresh.

Last night the owner came to me and said that i need to cut back my hours !!!
What a Knob.
Does he not realise that i need to put the hours in to be able to prep up, if i cut my hours i will be rushing, cutting corners and the end result the customer says, not as good as last week.

So for the sake of a few quid this dick wants to sacrifice the best he has ever had it and probably cock up his future business.

Well cheers mate, im out of here. When will these guys ever learn.
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