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Anyone out there got a copy of Nico by Nico Ladenis?

message posted 24-Jul-08 02:01:58
My ex boss used to have a copy, and it had a wonderful recipe for chocolate tart in it, was wondering if anyone out there has a copy rattling around, and could forward me the recipe... I always meant to copy it out, but never got round to it... The same goes for his lemon tart, and the recipe for burnt lemon cream too if anyone is feeling charitable...

Many thanks to all

message posted 24-Jul-08 10:31:55
Hey Chris

I know the one you mean, will dig it out and post it.

By the way, which one is you in the picture ?
message posted 29-Jul-08 03:18:37
i'm the one in the middle in the chefs whites... the other 2 are actually women (it's amazing how many people think they're drag-queens lol)...

Thanks for digging out the book - have been trying to hunt down a copy for the last couple of years, but no luck.
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