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message posted 29-Jul-08 04:53:32
Kitting out the shop, and as it were, you talk to people...I make it a habit to spend time with old chefs, in their fifties, sixties....they all retired in their fourties before burn-out: their info is encyclopedic. They eat well, drink fabulously grand(lots), make you laugh till you wee your pants-and puerile,ill educated restaurant, hotel managers, food critics and guides always come in for some stick. Somethings never change
And so I found some amazing kit from Lyme Bay Auctions in Seaton.
An old style mincer probably from Escoffier days for decent I can make my own sausages. They sell Hobart mixers for 250! Cannot go wrong.....If looking for brand new equipment for next to a few decent spills.....turn up, with a van. Aladin's cave is will max out on your card...


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