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idle hands.......and the devil

message posted 01-Apr-08 17:03:48
Too betwixt the planning, sourcing and not really overseeing(notice how other trades work at an alarmingly different pace!!!), I figure got too much time .......and the devil is a jigging in my head. Subsequently, and as most of you are kinda busy.......I might as well give it my best shot to address issues I'd neglected......on your behalf....

And I got to thinking, how abut we get tax exemptions on our second (jobs-might as well-its fashinable)homes? Or get tax credits to fund lavish second home makeovers? Yeah right……small businesses get taxed to the hilt, no wonder we can hardly pay the staff, and we got to work the long hours to compensate…….

Everyone is stressed out about Mugabe stealing votes(I care not much for politics, but do you see the orphaned kids with flies in their noses, and with nowt for life?), and yet we have no referendum on Europe, nor give a hoot to the fact that George Bush stole/denied votes to secure presidency(Florida), huh..? So I got a speck in my eye.......
The Chagos Islands stolen by the Americans from the natives on pretext, is now “Paradise on Earth” for the American Navy…..The guy with the rot in his eye checked out my speck.....took issue....

Like this guy I heard of, somewhere, in some village, who falsely accused his neighbour of something or other, beat the crap out of him, killed the cretin, and the courts let him go free……oh, guess what, he turned up with a bowl of tiramisu…to make ‘token’ peace, smiling broadly like an idiot? Hahahahahaha…..and the poor dead guy’s kids are so hungry, miserable, ravished….they smiled meekly, sweetly back………and wondered at his sleep(state of mind!). Not long after, the courts that set the killer free, did, nowt when folk robbed the kids of their inheritance.
Now that is a crapper…..
Would you wonder what the kids are thinking/plotting instead of sleeping(state of mind)?
They whisper a lot in the dark, I’d imagine….God help us all……. Watched Dispatches the other day on channel 4, poor Iraqi kids…..Now, our kids…..are they safe????

In another village not far off, they took offence coz I would not take
a)coffee and cheese muffins-red mist effect
b)rare steak-bowel C
c)booze-throat C
d)sweet arab tea-wood effect ......
e)buttered sweet potato cake-cholesterol and wheat intolerance.....
Like a moron I am making excuses for my paranoia.....and freakish nature.

Later on, at the communal bath-yeah down river men and women, they bring up my issues...and I am blabbing on about the C......The consternation, fear, and lack of understanding....and they figured I had a crap life. They have no incidents of the big C. All their food is clean, simple, pure, organic. To them that is regular, everyday food. To you and I, it is organic......and hence the organic food discussion struck a cord. All good health comes from basic good food habits from the farms.
Oh, they bathe twice a day, and spray nothing under arms.....everyone smells BO...

Food for thought......I changed my eating habits, aeons ago.....
message posted 02-Apr-08 10:30:14
You need HELP!

Great read though.
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