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Favourite Dishes of the early years!!!

message posted 03-Apr-08 01:46:10
What would be your favourite dish of thr past that you would like to update?

Mine would be Chicken Maryland (of the 21st cenyury!!)
So many options that we never had before.

Your ideas please and lets compile an updated compilation!!!!
Mine starts tomorrow!!!!!!

Please Trump me, I dare you!!!!
message posted 03-Apr-08 13:01:15
My favorite calssic would be :

Lobster Thermidor.

Now this gets tricky because even though its a classic, you will still find it on menu's.
My 21st century spin or improvement is because of the very nature of the main ingredient it is verrrrry expensive. So to give the average person a taste of this clasic, I use Small crayfish tails.

I make the sauce to the classic recipe but finish it off by stirring in some sauted crayfish tails.
message posted 19-Apr-08 00:00:47
mine would be the bone, rolled with chix mousse and a hint of foie gras, accompanied with little faggots of oxtail, and small caviars of gravy......the grated yellow and white-no!! Instead,
Soft poached quail eggs, little bombs of lovage and lava bread......aaaaaaahhhhhh ecstasy.....
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