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where art thou????

message posted 30-Mar-08 23:22:57
Hi folks......

New to this site.....good!!!!

Not many chefs about.....????Where you be? Busy? Knackered..?

We need to be about that much more to be "empowered".

I left full time employment five years ago on Head Chef wages.

All the adverts going on now are still on those wage rates. Guys, five years ago.

All my suppliers, commis, waiters, MPs, teachers, firemen, the ex-wife, Doctors, Nurses, et al have had pay deals/ least. What happened to chefs wages? SERIOUSLY?

Most kids out of university now just about earn that. and that is 3 years.....

Head chefs, you have been working terribly hard and for forever......and crazy hours.....!! That is all you are worth? Look your commis in the eye, knowing full well he can hardly afford to will rely on his goodwill and desire to learn for how much longer?
Ooohhh........why do we have a terrible shortage of chefs- disillusion, disaffection....? Maybe? No?Good Lord, even Estate Agents stick at it longer, and do very well out of it. Better hours, social life. What you got? Think about it!!!
We do it for love. But do not be exploited. Look around you, all your peers are on bonuses....and doing very well. Be empowered!!! Real Rewards for hard work is a beautiful thing!

My issue, really is the kids, their welfare, and support programmes, the future, and it ties in with:
Love, commitment, and compassion for the job, employers,
Drugs,alcohol use(desensitisation), rehabilitation.
Training,(NVQs a waste of time!) Education, cost of living
Fair play, pay, empowerment, self respect, egos, character building..
Divorced chefs- number rising daily, we all know that.
Suicidal chefs....I know the feeling.....
The fantastic networking idea as on this site
RETIREMENT-the future....

I work on taking care of my guys, and they stay with me for an eternity: not the industry standard of 12 -18 months and they move on once they have bled me dry. I do need to have them re-deploy what they have learned from me for my benefit, to improve on my ideas, to grow with me. Stages working away at cost to me empowers them with knowledge, information. They are family, they relate to the customers, the customers relate to us. Then I move out of the scene, they have their own....surely, the world is a smaller place: guarantee three out of five chefs cook almost alike, variation in interpretation- my chefs would eventually be holding their own. The thing is to help them develop a way of thinking....peculiar to themselves, eg..foie gras is as How many combination flavours compliment it? Get away from the regular/safe,... and souffle it, chilli chill it, warm it, all in one, or individually, taking great care to remember less is more, and the beauty in simplicity. This is my reality...and why I work for myself.

Be empowered......

BIG LOVE........

p/s anyone fancy a charity gig?? Long term.....
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 01-Apr-08 10:17:10
Hey CrazyChef !

There is alwayse an article somewhere about the "crisis" going on because of the shortage of chefs and they still cant figure out that you cant live on these wages today.

Even Michelin restaurants are advertising for staff now. Mind you UMU has raised the bar recently offering 20 K for a commis, about time tooooo.

I tried to get my head chef to register on the network section, he mummbled something under his breath, Its a no brainer to me. why dont you want fresh young talent spending a day in your kitchen, if they are any good get their phone number. DUH .

The thing that really makes my blood boil is those adverts you see : Looking for Head Chef, would suit sous chef - bollocks you just want to pay less and squeeze harder. I recon chefs should demand a basic salary and fifteen percent of total sales, like a sales rep.

What do you do now Crazychef ?

What Charity gig ?

Kitchen Bitch
message posted 12-Apr-08 00:29:54
Hi Kitchen Bitch,

We are presently working all over the place for cash!!
In between we also get to have extended placements with our suppliers, for the young ones to understand commodities. To see them milk a cow at dawn.....priceless.
Cleaning the chicken coop......doubly priceless. At least they get to take home free range eggs, cream, cheese and milk. They spent some time at an oyster and mussel farm courtesy of our fish monger. It is a blast for us we await our new house to be completed.

RE-the charity gig, if the moderators allow, I shall post details in the new week, but on a very superficial level. Suffice to say for details you will need to get hold of my email address from the moderators. Copyrights and legals....sorry!!!
Essentially we are looking for three white chefs, three black, and three Asian. If you are of strong mind, got a chef buddy of another race, can take time off for at least three months, even better.

CHEFS, be empowered.

Big Love,

Crazy Chef

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