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Forget Mixed leaves! CRESS is the new rage

message posted 17-Sep-06 21:38:32
Cress is now grown in stagering colours and varieties, it sits so well on the plate you will be amazed that mixed leaves ever existed. If you still want to use mixed leaves then why not go for the all new minature version of them, same stuff only minature leaves. If you really want to go crazy then use some of the new edible orchids.

Check out the growers site.

Your supplier should be able to get you a box of cress (Sakura mix) really great. A box consists of 16 punnets at about 11.
message posted 30-Nov-06 14:23:40
these super new cress's are great but aint cheap,on the other hand nastutium flowers and the small leaves on the ends of runners are virtualy free, come in various shades from yellow to magenta and regular picking keeps the normaly rampaging plant in check. ps,peppery leaves but not toxic honest chef.
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