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Obscenely Over Expensive Fish......

message posted 01-May-08 01:03:47
Hey chaps.....
Spent a bit of time travelling the fishing ports of our beloved country.......for something to do......when you get old and such like the smell of fish at sunbreak!!!!!
Funny in a very unsettling way was that at every single port at landing, 95% of the fish at auction went to the continent!!!!! As well as the unfair qoutas dealt us by the EU......
That is to say, 5%of the fish landed in our waters gets to stay in the UK. Better still, it is cheaper to buy the same fish on the continent.
Gets more interesting.....the little shell on prawns caught in our waters are cheaper to send to China to be shelled and sent back to us, as opposed to shelling them hereabouts......hey, hey, hey......something is
Goodness me....I was on a quest to get people eating more know what they say....Don't know how to cook it!!!!!!
And I reply......Scandics and Eskimos, amongst many, eat raw fish(don't touch blow fish or puffer fish!!!!)....and they are healthy, fit and sexy!!!! So what is our problem??????
Because of artificial reasons, you pay over the odds for your fish.....It is cheaper to import barracuda, tuna, swordfish, tilapia, snapper, shark, whale and dolphin......and on the back of this, selling all our cod next door and banging on about depleted stocks?? Speak to the boat men, surprise yourself........Be empowered......know your food.....We really do need a chef's lobby group....seriously.....

crazy chef.....
message posted 03-May-08 10:09:36
I agree

When I came to the Uk 12 years ago I wrongly assumed I would be able to work with fantastic seafood, being an island ..... !

I quickly found that to find superb FRESH seafood you have to hunt and I mean Hunt to find the small independant fishermen and suppliers to get a good product.

Naturally my first search was to the London fish market, .... Fresh my arse. I have never been hit with such a stench in all my life and any Chef worth his salt knows that FRESH seafood has no smell.

Go to any port or fishing village on the continent or africa with tons of fish lying on the side of the harbour and all you can smell is the wonderful scent of the sea. Even the "Asda" of France the Super U has fresh fish and LIVE seafood.

I also believe that to get better quality seafood into the mainstream market the public needs to be educated again (like our moms and grandmothers) todays public have no idea about quality, they think quality aaah go to waitrose another bloody supermarket.

We have a huge fight on our hands and celeb Chefs whilst they bleet on about organic and free range they still have a vested interest with the supermarkets because the supermarkets sell their products. Books, ready meals, pots and pans etc etc.

I live in hope that one day the public will wake up and say to supermarkets ... enough is enough.

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