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Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch

My First Shout

message posted 11-Apr-08 10:05:32
Hey boys, guess its up to a Lady to use this first.

My Bitch is about the "credit Crunch". The bloody banks have been so greedy to get hold of easy money to be made in hedge funds and dodgy mortgages over the past ten years that now when it alll goes wrong they penalise us their customers with higher interest rates just so that they can still make a profit.

I was reading the other day that if you tried to book into an exclusive resort in the caribean at the moment you wont get a room because all those greedy geeky tosser traders are having a holiday (because there is no work at the minute).

The banks created the problem from their greed, they should help ease the problem by lowering the rates.

Im putting my money under the bed from now on !!!

There I had my rant / shout.

x x

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