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A sure fire way to relax.....

message posted 18-Apr-08 21:34:55

Hombres......Amigos......this works for me.....and I am teeeeeetotal......with an excitable liver......

Twice a week, this guarantees me at least 12 hours sleep in one go.....we all need some......

1/2 pt of malibu
1/2 pt of amaretto
1 pt of pineapple and coconut juice
1 and a half pt of mango, lime and lime juice.

No ice, just headaches, just a nice soft head craddle in the morning(day off, of course!!).....and rose tinted view of will be skipping in the park with the kids!!!!!

Big Love

message posted 21-Apr-08 14:41:09
Bloooooody hell.

I must have cocked up the dosage, blacked out shades and the kids left me in the park, oh and my wife is still in bed.

Nice One !!
message posted 24-Apr-08 20:09:47
good living, hey.......hahahahahahahaha.....what a life....!!!!
message posted 08-May-08 23:23:43
Sure fire way to relax,part II

This little number gives a me a fuggy fog when I want to forget, and veg out, up on the beacon away from civilization, underneath the trees, watching the bumble bees and dragon flies do battle. Occassionally the odd blue-bottle tries having a go, with not very favourable results. Horse flies have more of a chance, coz they are sneaky, wily. When the wasps come about, everyone makes scarce...I am happy.....join me.....
In a pint glass,
one inch of pernod
half an inch of pineapple cordial
Top up with soda water.
Get hammock ready..... and ........

You either like pernod, or you don't. But it is a very easily acquired taste. If it tastes great with mussels, crab, lobster, clams, you are half way there.

Strawberry Tequilla, from the guy I am temping for presently, at 9am gets me in the mood.
At 10 am, I have to refuse the champagne. Everyday. Life is good. A very different way of working.

Local farmer gave me a whole spring lamb for 40. So pure and divine, you could just about pick at the flesh straight up, with a bit of salsa. My summer BBqs are looking up!!!!

If you have a sleeping bag, and need time off, give me a shout.

Be happy.

message posted 11-Feb-10 13:01:26
Hey Crazy Chef

Found some Cocktail Recipes for you,,,,, and these are good for you !!!!

Cheers :)
message posted 28-Mar-10 22:07:12

And serious too.....

Too right.....GOOD for me!
Guys, detox time....for me anyway....two chefs I have worked with just recently got diagnosed with liver, blood and kidney problems....terminal! And they are still only in their fifties......Just bought another funeral suit! Fk!
Permanent shut eye a bit too soon, if you ask me!!!! Not that we want to live for ever....but you know......a bit hard to live down if your sous-chef ODs on cocaine....burying a twenty-six year old has no words! Wasted talent, wasted intellect, wasted leadership!!!!!

Then in my new work, I came across 'charlie', miaow miaow, or the horse tranquiliser..fkn hell chefs....bloody experimental or what!!!!! The buzz from propane and electricity, stoves, carcasses and plants not good enough for the ego, mind and sex thrills?

Then at the South West food festival I asked this fancy playboy chef with michelin restaurants what to do about the kids on 'charlie' for staying awake and crazy energy for slave duties; his insufferable arrogant, dismissive reply isn't worth toilet paper content!!!
I figured maybe he encourages them on cocaine or ignores it, or accepts it, as he said, a social ill, because catering is mostly staffed by social drop-outs!-fk me-to get them working eighteen hour days-two people's work in a day, whilst paying them shit money!

Any other industry, after twenty years work, apprentice-ships, training, responsibility, shit life, long hours, insurance baggage, two or three divorces, or what have you, you'd be earning more than thirty-grand, easily, double that! Chefs are stuck in a time warp, screwed by employers? A seven year bin-man veteran earns more!!!! With more hours for family......

If it is a problem, want help seeking help, drop us a line. we are working for the future-the youngsters are our future.

Big love
crazy chef....
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