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chef greg a.c.n.j
chef greg a.c.n.j

hotel/resort chefs can truly be gourmets

message posted 19-Nov-07 08:45:27
We hotel and resort chefs always get a bad rap. we are thought of as corperate style, un-imaginative managers who feed surf and turf to tourists and perhaps, don't run independant restaurants because we can't. In some cases this is true.
I wanted to write this to let you all know that some of us really do push the envelope, experiment, and run our restaurants like we owned them.
some of us have found that if you work in a place where the food is an atraction, an amenity, a secondary source of income for the hotel that you are not required to run the low food and labor costs that hold so many of us back from doing what we really want to do with food.
The casino I work in just wants to keep the gamblers happy with the best food they can produce, they aren't even looking to make their money in the gourmet rooms we have.
Because of this I am allowed a 50% food cost, this allows me to put together plates from the freshest and most exotic ingrediants, something which would bankrupt almost any restaurant i've worked in prior to this gig.
Just something to think about if you're looking for a venue to hone your skills on someone elses dime,
after all if it's not about the money, the focus becomes creating the most interesting food you can every time, not "we have to use this up to make our money back", which was so often the beginning of thought process leading to the creation of 'tonights special' in other jobs i've worked
Hey- i wanted to share this thought because it's worked out great for me.
message posted 21-Nov-07 13:58:32
Bloody hell 50% gp, I bust my balls for 73%

Do the punters enjoy the effort that you are putting into your work, there is nothing more annoying then a punters lack of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

(Im going to get my boss to open a casino, 50% WOW)
message posted 05-May-08 10:03:07
Hi Greig
Your a lucky mam
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