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Hats - Whats the point

message posted 12-Oct-07 09:57:34
When i started out twelve years ago we all wore hats, you know the traditional tall white hats, the ones that alwayse fell off your head when you pushed passed the fridge flaps with your hands full.

Those days we had large brigades and more "traditional" styled kitchens. To be honest i have not worn one for about six years now, but some chefs still do. I can understand wearing them if the chef is front of house doing a buffet or working behind a viewable counter but the rest of the time its pointless. Most male chefs have almost military short hair, i know i do, but women balance these beanie caps and other styles of headware on the back of the head with hair popping out all over, so then what is the point!

Is it just employer anal retension or do you like to wear them ? I obviously lead a pretty boring life to be wondering about this, but let me know.

Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 04-Mar-08 20:01:03
Pierre Gagnier, 3 michelin stars, he doesnt wear a hat but his brigade does, go figure.
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