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Best Catering Courses

message posted 29-Dec-07 19:42:45
Hi, can anyone tell me which are considered the best catering courses/qualifications to aim for in the UK? I've heard its better to go to a privately run company rather than a public "college" - is that so? Which courses are best value for money? Anyone had experience of "graduating" from the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine? What were job prospects like? Is it a well thought of institution?

Thanks - any advice gratefully received!

message posted 09-Jan-08 10:52:12
Hi Frankums

I dont know what experience you have , but it sounds like you are just starting out so here is my suggestion.

Forget public college, they were ok 15 years ago but now we joke that NVQ stands for "not very qualified" . I have not come into contact with any "private education" chefs so i cant speculate on that.

Personnaly I would take a list of all Michelin starred restaurants in the country and send them a letter, then send to all the top 100 5star hotels and all the top 100 4 star hotels in the country.

You will get a position as a commis chef, learn, make notes and then move to the next one and repeat the process.

All the great Chefs in the world started like this.

It wont be easy, but you will come out on the other side a better Chef.
message posted 06-May-10 11:45:49
I'm glad I just read this. Is it really true that people joke about NVQs? I've been thinking about going to college to do a catering course - surely it's best to have some qualifications, not just experience(?) What about apprenticeships - you get training and qualifications - are they a good route to go down?
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