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Gordon Ramsay - Live Cook off

message posted 21-Jan-08 11:59:12
I dont know if you watched on Friday night, probably not we were all working , well I was ill so I had the night off.

One thing that struck me was !. Ramsay has something like seven restaurants in London and there he was doing a live cook off on a Friday night at 9pm. I found this strange, in the recent Tatler, Zagat and Hadens restaurant reviews they have all said that the "food is good" BUT it no longer has that wow factor and that perhaps he is streaching himself too thin.

This year I think he is opening up another 3 restaurants, 2 here and one in France, now i know he cant be everywhere and that he is building an Empire and good luck to him, but i think and the reviewers are also beginning to say you are just average now.

I dont know your game plan Gordon but if you do care about the food I think he should get back into the kitchen of his restaurants.

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