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Flat top or Rings ?

message posted 07-Feb-08 13:28:05
My boss has decided that we can afford a new range for the kitchen (only taken him three years to decide).

We have an eight top range at the minute but i was wondering what solid tops are like (never used).
From pictures and bits on telly it looks like you can fit a load more on, but how does controlling the heat work - Obviously you move the pan away from the centre to the outside , but give me some pros and cons.

These things give off heat all the time so does it not effect the heat in the kitchen.

Some comments please
message posted 06-Jul-08 06:29:51
to be honest i would go solid top every time. far more versatile. the advantages are you can get a greater number of pans on it and can control simmering reducing etc by just moving pans around.

the disadvantage is they make kitchens extremely hot and you need good extraction.
message posted 29-Aug-10 11:37:16
I'm doing some work with a company called Control Induction at the moment, they produce induction hobs and planchas for commercial kitchens. I'd definitely recommend you to have a look at their site They do a wide range of stoves and suites for commercial kitchens and with induction you get big energy savings and a big reduction in heat in your kitchen.
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