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Ferran Adria - El Bulli & McDonalds

message posted 05-Nov-08 19:32:41
I came across this article. Does Ferran Have a point ?, what are your thoughts ?

London, England (AHN) - Spanish chef Ferran Adria may be known for owning El Bulli, which was recognized four times in 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2008 by Restaurant magazine as the best dining establishment.

Although he had been called the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet, his taste buds also appreciate fast food, particularly McDonald's hamburgers.

Adria, now in London to promote his book "A Day at El Bulli", told the U.K. Telegraph he wants to visit a McDonald's outlet to find out how the chain cooks its meals.

Adria said, "I don't think people should come and say, 'McDonald's isn't good', if you don't give me an alternative, what is the alternative, for the same price? It's like saying everybody should be driving an Aston Martin or Rolls Royce; most people don't drive them. Cars have the price they have."

The average cost of a meal in El Bulli, located at Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain, is $327 (250 euro). The Spanish restaurant could only take in 8,000 diners a season, but up to 800,000 people the world over try to book a table, where the waiting list is 400 people per table.

Among the chef's famous scientifically developed menu are menthol watermelon and hibiscus paper with blackcurrant and eucalyptus.


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