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Looking for employement!

message posted 26-Nov-08 15:16:24
I am a chef with twenty eight years experience and I am current looking for a full time position in a small restaurant or gastropub. I would describe myself as being creative and very passionate about food and I am always searching the internet looking for new ideas and inspiration. I have always had an innovative and experimental approach to cooking and I put this down to the fact that I am a naturally curious person.

What I find annoying about most vacancies that are advertised is that people are looking for someone who is a financial whizkid or someone who is going to spend most of their time doing paperwork. As a chef, what I do first and foremost is COOK.

Anyway, take a look at my profile for more information, (my user name is PaulWalker)! I am prepared to relocate provided that a potential employer can provide accommodation.

You can contact me by phone on: 07867924946

Or by e-mail at :

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes Paul Walker.

Hot chef
Hot chef
message posted 21-Jan-09 10:12:37 Hi Paul Hot Chef here this may help loads of just chef jobs always work a try theres loads on here also

Good luck mate
message posted 21-Jan-09 11:26:52
Hey Paul

Dont you also hate the ones that advertise for head chef at 20K and then say would suit a sous chef wanting their first head chef position.

What do they want ? make up your minds, head chef or sous chef.
What they dont seem to realise is that the right chef will make your business, so advertise and pay accordingly.

Have you added your cv to the site, its pretty good, I get one or two emails a week from employers and agencies, usually they offer crap but at least my cv is out there.
Also the job alerts are good.

The hot chef comment about the staffcanteen, im not sure about, looks like another spin off from the caterer, but might as well spread yourself about.

Hot chef
Hot chef
message posted 28-Jan-09 14:11:20
oops sorry for trying to help also try Chef google chef jobs loads out there

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