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Chef Lucas
Chef Lucas

Revolutionary NEW Pan

message posted 17-Aug-08 11:54:23
Hi Guys and Gals
I recently came accross an amazing pan and i would really love to hear your comments on it.

It is Called a Peter Pan (no joke) pan-03.jpg

Have a look at this. One Pan 4 Compartments so now i can cook a order in one pan without the normal stove top clutter of smaller pans all trying to get the same thing done at the same time.

What do you Guys think of this.

Chef Lucas
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 18-Aug-08 09:30:50
Hi Lucas

The link does not open, is the site down ?

Anyway thinking about it, Im a bit sceptical.
Your timeings have to be completly perfect. With smaller pans you can take them of the stove when ready. But with four things in the pan everything would have to be done at the same time.

What about tossing, I presume each item would need to be turned individually.

You obviously like the pan, so what am I missing ?

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