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Just found a Recipe Competition to win 1k

message posted 08-Sep-08 13:58:53
You can go on and win 1k just by submitting your recipe, it has to include cheese, but worth doing! good website - bladen
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 29-Sep-08 16:50:40
Hi Emma

Thanks for the heads up on the competition.

One thing that bothers me about the site, is their nutritional facts.

A variety of cheeses including cheddar are rich sources of a beneficial fatty acid called Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is thought to protect humans against diseases such as cancer and coronary heart disease.*

What they dont say is that in order for the body to absorb a beneficial amout you would consume far to much protein, which cancer cells thrive on.

So a niave cancer patient would happily help themselves to cheese every day thinking it might be beneficial, when they are actually feeding the cancer cells.

We Chefs these days are having a hard enough time from our customers, in terms of nutrition, traceability, seasonality and organic.
Suppliers need to get on board, random comments like these above do not help.

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