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Comfortable Chef Corp.

message posted 13-Sep-08 23:51:58
Hello to everyone! There must be a few of you out there that were, or still are, loyal supporters of Chef Revival brand jackets and pants. (if you are still able to purchase them) They kind of went in a different direction about a year ago and things have never quite been the same, at least in this part of the universe. I spent quite a number of years working with my good friend Kim, helping to design and manufacture those products. Great experience all around. But after there move, alot of the loyal customers that were either purchasing on line or calling in to place an order found that it wasnt all that easy if you could at all. I knew alot of you guys and couldnt believe what was happening. That inspired me to do something. I would like to let everyone know that all is not lost. Last February of 2008 I launched Comfortable Chef Corp.
Great, comfortable and authentic chef apparel, jackets, tunics, aprons, clogs everything that you need to outfit a professional kitchen staff. Stuff you know and are familiar with, comfortable, stylish and durable chef apparel and uniforms. Check us out, you have nothing to lose. I think you will like what you see.
Where still working to finish up the web site and hope to be 100% complete by November of this year but we are fully stocked with a large inventory on hand of everything you can think of for the professional working chef. I would love to hear from you and certainly hope I do. Custom orders are no problem and we wont turn you down or direct you somewhere else, no matter what, thats my promise. See you soon.
P.S Chefs Rock!!

Thank You

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