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Judge, Jury and Lawmaker...all in one? Shut the fuck up Gordon.....

message posted 10-May-08 00:20:16
I am peacefully having my morning siesta @ 7am, today.
Then she who left aeons ago calls me to tell me Gordon is having a loony fit!
What the *******!!!!
Ordinarily I have nothing to say to her, coz I was always stooked up.
I figure she wants back coz someone told her I really wasn't.
Nonetheless, that is my day totally 4kd!!!!
Plus last night was spent underneath a blimmin' malfanctioning Angelo Po.
Whatever you do, don't ever buy one even if the salesman chucks in his stunning triplet daughters.
What a crap contraption!!!! stick to pots and pans, you'll get your money's worth, quadruple!

There was once a chap, a chef, who branded telly chefs a sell out!
He now has a programme on every channel on earth, at any one time.

This morning he is ranting about out of season stuff?
Hey bro, bananas are never in season here, ever, they feature mightily in your menu!Get a grip.
Oh, chap, you got berry doughnuts on, right now on your menu. A bit early, hey....????
I'm sure you are importing British Foodism into your various ventures abroad.....
Got a thing for French foie gras? Nice imported wine?

Now you give the government ideas on how to tax/fine us? Gordon you nuts? All that carbon tax and green tax and shit tax, petrol tax, this that tax that you do not see the benefit of, and you give them ideas on how to tax us some more? I suppose you can afford it.....

Business, Gordon, people eat what they can afford, even in obscure, remote cheap as shite holiday resorts, it does no harm for the cook to excite poor people or those at death's door with something different. That is why people still buy two chickens for a fiver. We are not all heavily laden, or as educated, for that matter.

If you really want the Jamie Oliver limelight(school dinners do gooder!!), use your influence to get proper fish quotas, proper prices, kids off gangs and chef welfare. Chefs burn out quicker than any other career, working am to am. no other career does, with the shite wages; I hear UNION!!! Get real Gordon chap, stop bleating shite; address real issues, alcohol and drug abuse for starters, just to keep pace with tight arsed employers who deliberately understaff to maximise their pocket linings. It is not fair, you know it. Talk big? Walk big!!!

By the way, I agree with you; but you cannot bully and tax people, so just shut the fuck up, leave us little people alone; and go make some more funky commercials. I reckon you'd make an amazing Rambo baddie. You got the wow... factor.....

Mind your own business......and be happy you are healthy.!!!!
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 10-May-08 09:52:59
Crazy Chef, you are ............ Insane !!

You have to admire Gordon for the achievements as a chef and as a businessman, but he is constantly giving conflicting messages. Something that may suit a housewife or househusband (want one of these) will not alwayse work in comercial terms and visa versa.

One piece of writing I really thinks Gordon got spot on was this :

"My answer to anyone remotely interested in how we run restaurants is that any new restaurant concept must alwayse start with the chef. Not with the location, not with the restaurant designer and not with the smooth talking front-of-house manager. The passion, the focus and drive of the chef is what will make the restaurant work. Ultimatley, we believe it will be his menu that people come to taste.

This presents two problems.

The first is that we need to surround our chosen chef with a solar system of staff that lends support and whose players have an insatiable need to be part of a successful team. The second is to bring our chef into the real world and not allow him to isolate himself within the kitchen. The world is bigger than that and his remit must include financial percentages, brigade control and the ability to converse and intrigued guests "

So Gordon makes it clear here that the Chef is the single most important piece in the Kitchen. So why does he not spend a bit more time trying to get every wannabe restauranteur and publican to understand this concept and start by paying chefs what they deserve.

Gordon and a few others have apparently taken over the Tante Marie cookery school. So he is now going to train chefs, which is good because colleges have let the side down BUT because he has not educated the wannabe employers there are still going to be crap wages and abuse of chefs.

If all these celeb chefs just spent 5 min thinking about how they can improve the lives of their fellow chefs there might be a bit more respect, but we are alwayse in the fokkin kitchen and we dont get paid enough to purchase their products to be worthy of 5 minutes of their time.

Well let me put this to you "celeb chefs" - Gordon pay attention - According to labour force statistics there is 695 000 chefs in the industry. If one of you guys started championing the chef and created a book or product for chefs just for chefs and sold it for £10 you would make almost 7 million.

So start looking after us and you might get the respect you desreve from the people that really know about all the bullshit - Chefs.

Big Luve and Househusbands

Bitch X X
message posted 12-May-08 10:36:33
Thanks for Bringing this to our attention, CrazyChef, KitchenBitch

This is the Press Release that ChefsWorld has just Released, hope you approve !


Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Fined under Gordon’s New Local Rules

Gordon Ramsay told the BBC Last week that

“Fruit and veg should be seasonal.
"Chefs should be fined if they haven't got ingredients in season on their menu.
"I don't want to see asparagus in the middle of December. I don't want to see strawberries from Kenya in the middle of March. I want to see it home grown.
"It's a chef's job to ensure everything is locally sourced and, more importantly, when we haven't got it, take it off the menu.
"There should be stringent laws to make sure produce is only used in season. The quicker we get legislation through, the more unique this country will become in terms of its sourcing and level of inspiration."

Well Gordon I would have to say that you “level of inspiration” is at an all time Low.
You and I know that you would be the first one to be fined.

I am not even going to list the mistakes in your menu’s unless you would like your inspirationally Low levels in print.

The Chef’s in this country, who you have so kindly labelled, ignorant, know that local seasonal produce is at a better quality and price than unseasonal imports. We also know that if you implemented this in your restaurants, you would fail. Yes Fail!

Picking on this county’s chefs is a cheap shot, go after the supermarkets or better still offer on the spot fines at the supermarket checkout to housewives purchasing imported unseasonal produce.

Cheap Shot Chef, we expected better from you. is an independent resource for Chef’s. A world created by Chef’s for Chef’s. The aim of ChefsWorld is to empower Chef’s in the Global Market

message posted 14-May-08 20:04:25
What a Knob.

He does not have the balls or bottle to say to the biggest consumers in the country the "housewives" that I want to fine you if you use imported, unseasonal produce.

His career would be wiped out in a split second.....


Im going to pick on the poor bastards who are stuck in a kitchen for 12 hours a day and I want to fine them if they use asparagus out of season. Well if any chef out there who works for this tit reads this, you should get out now because Gordy has lost the plot and will sell you down the river like all of the other Chefs in the country as fast as you can say Mise en Place.

Hey Crazy Chef, What is an Angelo Pro ?


Oh yea almost forgot - %^^%$^ you Gordon !
message posted 20-May-08 02:21:50
Most appropriate, I say!!!

One has to admire and respect Gordon for what he has achieved.
But he is becoming a hostage to fortune kind of retard, and merrily ignorant into the bargain.
Educating employers would be in anyone's wish list. Churning out more employer's dream.....

If you have the time, I have a spin some thought your way.....saying... hello there...

I spent most of my employed life as a radical, because I resented Management, and the unfair ways they perked themselves: company cars, lavish tax breaks, creative accounting and bonuses. And most were barely past puberty. but on account of connections, family.......!!!! Irked me off no end. And oh, they always did straight shifts, 8-8.5 hrs tops, then then had hand over and cover.

I spent all my life 9am-midnight, 5/6 days a week. And had to fight for crap wages, constantly.

What gives an idiotic clueless moron the right to determine my wages if they have no idea the feasibility of getting a job done? Most chefs are courteous and respectful; it is ingrained in us to work hard. I suppose there is always the dream to own your own restaurant that motivates one to work like a slave, on a pittance.

The truth?
When you own yours, you get people that want to work for you to help shoulder the burden.
Happy staff=good work ethics=happy customers=succesful business.

Afterall, one is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.
So Ramsey and big-headedness superstar chef, is not a reality. It is the support team, those that slave the mad hours to make your dream a reality-the brigade.

I must say the likes of Brian Turner, Gary Rhodes, et al atc are not seen to make any noises re-chef wages. Why so? I REALLY do wonder why. You must have all gathered that this is my bug bear!!!!
There must be ways we can raise awareness, and the recognition, to have a wage scale system that is fair to all.

This is my theory....keep the chefs understaffed, working so hard, and in the dark!!!
When they come up, and even on their days off, they are way too zonked to think straight. Keep that as routine, pretty soon you have a robotic, mono-syllabic workforce, that appears semi-literate. More to the point, actually woefully incapable of unnecessary thought.
Unnecessary thought: ways to improve your life, the quality of your home, your family!!! As soon as a chef sees the light...........zoooooooooooooommmmmmm! Like a bolt of lightining, he is gone, to pastures anew. Not necessarily greener, but easier, and often actually, much better for one's spirit!!
And with that comes a loathing for the trade! This is why we pay tax: we are overhelmed by our burdens, we are constantly in search of the ever elusive extra penny, trying to make ends meet, wondering, worrying! The MPs and MEPs(£2000/month on expenses-you try that, watch the tax man come visiting with a lorry full of very officious officials!!!!!),they milk it.
Most Management does!!
All over the world!!!!
Better still, MPS in kenya are on £10,000 a month-240 of them. The wage bill, is greater than the national output! And you wonder why the west is forever giving aid? Poor kids, no chance of emancipation. will never be empowered!!!!

To be empowered is to think different, know what is for what it is....and not to take it lying down. Use your knowledge for the making better of you.
Respect and courtesy is not to be confused for a weakness....

I love my job, the craftsmanship, the intellect,the passion, the seasonal challenges(sic!),the characters and the fantastic brains/stamina/courage and desire that work in syncronised harmony, day in, day out! Putting up with demanding, and sometimes ungrateful customers, aahh well, part of the job.

Walk into any office, any, even the hotel managers, and try be unreasonable(in their eyes), see how far their patience will extend.
Asking for fair and justified recognition of a stressful job, and due remuneration is not characteristic of being ungrateful. Just recognition!

In a word, EMPOWERED!!!

A good thing if you have never heard of Angelo Po!!!
A cheap combi oven, that is an imitation of Rational. Stay away!!!! Poor lady I was helping was duped into buying one. Exactly a day after warranty expires.....yes!!!!!! Goes bananas.....and stays that way, despite numerous fixes, and fixes on the fixes and warranties on fixes...etc etc etc......

Big love

message posted 03-Jun-08 10:33:08
This Angelo Po reminds me of the make Buffalo - lousy cheap and useless. Why do they make this crap and more importantly why do our bosses love this cheap crap.

What happened to the good old Dominator that lasts forever ?

And seen this is a shout about Ramsay I had better add - WHAT A W*%^&R
message posted 26-Jun-08 13:57:44
I was aware everybody felt this way, please add suport to my group, has gordon ramsey given chefs a bad name. on facebook.
message posted 07-Sep-08 22:42:38

Hey Gordon

Maybe you should be looking closer to home, because for every restaurant you open in America you have to close one in the UK .

Mind you, they can have you mate, close up and fuck off !!
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 27-Oct-08 11:46:04
This made me wet myself, (steady boys)

I think they are trying to telllll yoooou something Gordon.

Here is the story :

Even as Gordon Ramsay told the nation to go to their kitchens, a rival chef threatened to steal his thunder.

Ramsay had sounded his call to the kitchen on the video-sharing website, YouTube. A day later, Peter Oakley, 81, from Derbyshire, posted a culinary response that very quickly attracted three times as many viewers.

Under the name geriatric1927, Mr Oakley rose to prominence on YouTube in 2006, entertaining viewers with video blogs of his life as a widower, blues fan and former army radar technician. Until this week, however, he had not offered advice on cooking.

Speaking from his kitchen, he introduced his menu – a “delightful chicken casserole” – pausing only to gulp wine and blow his nose into his hands before wiping them on his apron. Then he presented his ingredients – a plastic tub he had opened earlier, placing it effortlessly inside his microwave.

“It’s most important that you time it right because soggy vegetables are just the pits,” he said, adding that one needed to “press the button”.

Commentators hailed the performance as brilliant. “Step aside Gordon!” wrote one. Ramsay played down the threat. “He’s cooking casserole in the microwave?” he asked. “Is he in Rotherham?”

I love being a ............ Bitch
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