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May Seasonal Food - UK

message posted 03-May-08 10:12:42
This month's newcomers...

Asparagus, rocket, samphire, European cherries, outdoor rhubarb, chives, parsley, mint, crab, scallops, sea trout

Still in season: Spring lamb; rosemary; cockles; Spring onions; broccoli; wild garlic; spinach; Jersey royal new potatoes, Watercress

Recipes from seasonal Items in Recipe Section :

Roasted asparagus with lemongrass, ginger and tea vinaigrette ; Linguine with Crab, Asparagus and Chili ; Poached sea trout with asparagus and mint hollandaise ; Hake in agrodolce with samphire ; Sweet saffron yoghurt with cherries - shrikand ; Salad of poached cherries, goat’s cheese, roasted red onions, Parma ham and toasted hazelnuts ; Pan-roasted scallops with rhubarb ; Roast monkfish with broad beans and pancetta

message posted 27-May-08 00:37:46
I am starving..... reading your recipe ideas. Just dropped a massive drool.....

Years ago I worked with a fire brand chef-cooked brilliant. And, he had 'rool' on his menu.
Anyone ever come across this word? I have struggled to find it anywhere else.
For him it really was a lot of dressing, like as if you were running short on saliva and he was on a compensatory trip........

Big love.....
crazy chef
message posted 03-Jun-08 10:50:45
I have not come across "rool" before, I have come across "rouille", which is a provencal sauce but very red because of the chillis and sometimes red saffron.

Rool, rouille, droool, its all about the food !!!
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