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message posted 20-Mar-07 22:58:09
For the first time in Foodservice, 4C offers Caterers a range of Chilled products that is compact and complete - yet manages to offer choice. At competitive prices.
In its Core Chilled Range, 4C has identified the products which all chefs order all of the time.
By listing only quality brands, within a compact range, 4C has brought commonsense back to the kitchen.

To that quality, we've added class: a bespoke 4C Premier Range of Compound Salads, Sandwich Fillings and Dressings.

These products have been developed in consultation with Development Chefs
from leading caterers.

The 4C Premier Range brings originality of taste, texture and flavours to your menus -
-- at prices which cannot be matched in the kitchen.

The 4C Fresh Produce Range could not be more different. It's big, bold and everchanging.

Diners demand that menus be healthier, refreshingly in-season. And 4C meets that demand better than anybody else.

Our selection of fruits, vegetables, salads and exotics is not only bigger than any other supplier's, but often grown just for us - For you.

With that product traceability comes Daily Deliveries. Of guaranteed Safe Food.

4C's HACCP- and STS-accredited warehouses and new fleet of vehicles are both fully refrigerated. They form a seamless cool chain in which satellites even monitor the temperature at which orders are delivered.

4C's Product Knowledge, the best in the business by far, streams out via a finely-tuned Customer Support Service.

Emailed Daily Specials, a weekly Market Report bold enough to tell caterers what not to buy, and a website that receives the most hits from chefs using its Quarterly Menu Planners, are only part of it.

4C directly supports your business. With weekly Point of Sale material, Flavour of the Month marketing campaigns. Innovative prepared dishes, often for special events, are created by our product development director -- who learnt his trade as a Michelin Star-rated head chef.

It's Making Life 4-Degrees-Easy.

But that's not all. No-one knows better than 4C that it's got to be profitable, too. Our people are professionals.
And you can meet them on ...

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