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UK Chefs

message posted 29-Aug-06 19:44:55
How does the culinary world in the UK differ from that of the United States?

Is schooling governmentaly required there?

I've never been to a culinary school and the little I do know I have gained from my job in a kitchen. Not sure it's the best way to learn everything but it's at least a start.

message posted 30-Aug-06 10:20:30
Schooling is not governmentaly required, but a health and hygiene certificate is required. This can be obtained on a one day course.

Apprentaship I personally believe is the best way to learn, but you will also pick up the bad habits used by the head chef. Learn all you can learn and move on to the next place.

A great book to give you all the basic knowlege needed is :

Classical cooking the modern way (methods and techniques) THIRD EDITION
by Philip Pauli

Also keep an eye out on chefsworld and the networking area as it developes, this area is designed for chefs to work in other kitchens and gain experience.
message posted 16-Jan-07 01:00:59
apprenticeship ya muppet
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